i love my cats
ask me about butts

Credit to the words/image this is based off goes to Clementine von Radics.

Good tattoo material

I’m high and just looked at a picture of my mom and it made me feel fucking weird

hanging in my hotel room trying to be positive about myself

planning a move of across the country is super stressful, even in its early stages.  i have two more months to live alone before moving in with my grandmother to save mass amounts of money as quickly as i can.

things i need to consider-
no internet for 5-8 months in saving process
timing for finding a position that will allow me to transfer
selling 99% of my few belongings
driving myself and my two cats, 27 hours to new home
live alone or live with others?
telling people i am leaving
jobs that i am willing to apply for with my company, as they become available
also, a million more things

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